We Paint With Sound

We Paint With Sound

Music of the 21st  Century....created through the art of Co-comprovisation.

We are founding members of the Co-comprovisation Workshop.


Co-comprovisation is the art of listening and participating in a composition which is being created at the moment.  By tuning into silence and letting the Universe compose through us, we are able to create music unlike anything heard before.


Our music is influenced by our musical experience, including jazz, classical, soundtrack, ambient, aleatory, and improvisational music.


Our music is affected by the guest players we have with us...the "chemistry" is changed.


How the music is brought into existence is not important...what is important is what is heard.


Let the listener decide if the music is fantastic, out-of-this-world, inspired, unique, truly original, or if we are bullshitters.


--We Paint With Sound



We Paint with Sound, on Soundcloud

Lesser Pyramid Records

Sound Paintings, Vol. I on Amazon

The Co-comprovisation Workshop

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Lesser Pyramid Records

Our goal and our passion has been to document the unique works created through the art of co-comprovisation.

Check out our website at http://lesserpyramid.com.

The Co-comprovisation Workshop

The art form of co-comprovisation is explored and documented.  Musicians are introduced to a higher level of creativity, using a different kind of "sheet music" and a different "conductor."   http://co-comprovisation.org


"This music is self-indulgent and absurd" -- Dr.Tony Antonio, Atlanta, GA

"There is no hook!" -- Dave St. Bees, St. Bees, UK

"Pointless and meandering" -- Charles C. Carlos, Santa Barbara, CA


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